And why not? I started this collection back in 1998 while I was traveling in Europe. Instead of buying a small reproduction of the tower in Pisa, a carpet in Istambul or a t-shirt in Athens, I bought copies of The Hobbit in the local languages. And since then I have been collecting hobbits non-stop. I have bought many myself while traveling and many more on the web, but I wouldn't have gotten so many without the help of many friends. Thanks to Riba, Laura, Desmond, Akhram, Gonzalo, Petr, Nacho, Darum & Cosetes, Stephan, Nautilus42, Vera, ReiN, Pablo, Marina, Rafa, Emilio, Roger, Cristian, Ana and Mina for getting some of the editions.

Btw, if you think i'm crazy, check out the websites of these Tolkien collectors:
- The Hobbit Hunter (Henk Brassien). He's got more than 600 different editions of The Hobbit and he's got an online bookshop for selling the duplicate items he has: HobbitHunterBookShop.
- Elrond's Library (Yvan Strelzyk). Yvan owns a huge library of translations of Tolkien's works. He even has an Argentinian translation of The Hobbit!
- Findûriel. Nice collection in such a short time!
- Mary Boetcher's site. She also has a nice collection!
- Tolkienano. Vast collection. Find anything Tolkien here!
- Babel Hobbits (Unfortunately not updated anymore)
- H.o.b.b.i.t.i.s.h. (Unfortunately not updated anymore)

Feel free to contact me if you have any of the editions I missed! xD